Sweet sixteen

Dave writes about outliners in his weblog today. While reading I found this page where I downloaded software that was released in 1987.


Holy cow, it works on Windows XP!

The software runs fine and helps anyone scratching their heads to get an idea about what outliners are at their bare bones. Caveat: it did cause my copy of trillian to crash, and now neither trillian nor putty will run. All the same I’m in shock that this sixteen year-old software can simply be unzipped an launched.


I contributed $100 to WBUR today. WBUR is on constantly in our house. There is a prominent “Support WBUR” link at the top of the homepage, marked by a button in a contrasting color. The transaction went off quickly and easily, and I received email confirmation of my pledge shortly afterward.

I tried to contribute to WGBH today. Our toddler watches a fair amount of Sesame Street and Teletubbies. I had to scan around the page a while before finding the “Pledge & Renew” link down in the fifth row of the left-hand navigation bar. I filled out the form and hit the “Submit” button. Then the server dropped my connection.