Trackback again

There is a good discussion of trackback going on over at Phil Ringnalda’s. Interesting points: “The most visible sort is post-to-post, where one post expands on, comments on, or replies to another post, and so the reply post sends a TrackBack ping to the original post…Though that’s the most visible sort of TrackBack, post-to-category, or category-to-post or -category, are also very useful ways to ping.”

I am posting this message from a Windows XP desktop machine using w.bloggar. There were a couple of wrinkles. I accidentally hit “post” when I really wanted “post & publish”. Also, I guess it prefills the title even if you want to leave the title blank. Let’s see, if I re-load the message in w.bloggar and then re-post, will it fill the title again? The answer is No.

Dave, the early riser, has already written up a summary of last night’s weblog writers’ meeting. The discussion about weblogs and presidential elections was pretty inspiring. If you believe that news coverage influences politics, and that weblogging democratizes the news reporting process, then weblogging should give the average citizen greater influence to shape presidential elections. Chris brought to our attention the related idea of semiotic democracy.

The Hunt

I am hunting around for a news aggregator to guide me through my journey into the blogosphere.

SharpReader is looking good. It’s desktop-based and has a nice, responsive user interface. But I read news at more than one computer. Question: does or will SharpReader provide a way to synchronize subscriptions against a file out on the web?