New favorite weblog title: ScrappleFace. Excerpt from a scrapple recipe: “After the hams and bacon have been put down in cure and the sausage is all ground and the lard rendered and the feets pickled and the snouts soused, you take what’s left (the scraps) and make scrapple.” Sure to be a hit with your vegan friends! I discovered this delectably titled weblog over at Breaking News.

Life with the VX4400

After three days with the VX4400 I count myself a mostly happy customer. The color graphics interface is leaps and bounds more usable than the monochrome lcd screens on older/cheaper phones. The T9Word input mode saves keystrokes by guessing what word you are typing. The T9Word database is extensible, so you can add your own words for it to guess next time. Biggest nit: it’s way too easy to unintentionally send a caller off to voice mail. Twice now I’ve grabbed for the ringing phone and accidentally hit the arrow buttons on the side of the phone, which terminates the call. Worse, there’s apparently no way to recover the caller’s number, so you just have to hope that they leave a message.

Object Orientation

Craig Andera: “I ask the question: is there something about OO that is inherently more maintaintable than a well-designed procedural system? I’m not sure there is. “

Wow, Craig really captured the sum total of my thoughts on OO after working with it for a little over a year. OO modelling is a fun game, but it seems just as pitfall-prone as other ways of programming.

Trackback again

There is a good discussion of trackback going on over at Phil Ringnalda’s. Interesting points: “The most visible sort is post-to-post, where one post expands on, comments on, or replies to another post, and so the reply post sends a TrackBack ping to the original post…Though that’s the most visible sort of TrackBack, post-to-category, or category-to-post or -category, are also very useful ways to ping.”


Today was kind of scattered. Grey and rainy all day.

In the morning we went over to the California Closets showroom in Natick to look at furniture for the home office. Their stuff looks to be decent quality but the salesman didn’t think they could do a round corner that follows the outside of a right angle. Which is exactly what we want and exactly why we are looking for built-in. Hmmm.

Mid-day I went a bought a new cell phone at the local Verizon outlet because the antenna on my old phone had broken off for the second time and it was getting to be annoying.

Then it was on to brunch at Philip‘s, where there was an interesting crowd as usual. Bob Doyle and I brainstormed about some interesting things we could do related to the Open Internet Lexicon. In our copious free time. Hah!

Late afternoon into evening was a mix of babysitting and pizza-making. And nighttime was…writing.

60 degrees and sunny in Cambridge. I wandered over to the student center for lunch. Today is Ifair day. I ate persian food and watched a re-enactment of a Pakistani wedding. Google has nothing on MIT.