Greg Reinacker announces NewsGator Media Center Edition: “Read/view some of your content on TV, including multimedia. Perhaps during commercials. 🙂 Read other (overlapping) content on your desk. Read some of it on your mobile phone. And the system keeps track, the whole time, of what you’ve read and where – so you don’t have to waste time.” Interesting!

Looking through my server logs, I notice every so often that someone has tried to search Find That Feed for a URL like “”. Since Find That Feed is indexed by title words, no results are ever returned. Also, recently a colleague asked, “is there a list of weblog feeds in the such-and-such domain?” Then it hit me, this is a job for the Share Your OPML SDK. The result: URL Sieve.

The Program My TiVo! history page gains a new navigation sub-menu and context-sensitive feeds linked from the white on orange XML button. The Watched feed is a list of recommendations that I’ve recently watched, with comments. The Favorites feed is a list of up to 50 upcoming programs that I’ve marked with a gold star.