A year in the 'sphere

I started this weblog a year ago today. In the kickoff I posted an image of the space where I blog. Here’s an update:
Where I blog
I’ve got a fancier desk now but am back down to one monitor because the CRT didn’t fit. I’m seriously digging my new Samsung 191Tplus monitor, and wonder if I could increase my productivity by buying another 🙂 Some good news is that The Lamp is gone, replaced this past weekend with track lighting. Life is good.
I guess I don’t feel like waxing philosophical at the moment, except to say that it’s been a great ride so far.

Dave, Matt Goyer and Robert Scoble on Windows XP Media Center Edition. It’s significant that MCE is a software platform and not just a product. My TiVo is programmable, but I had to jump through a number of hoops before I could program it, with the end result that only other hackers can use my code.