Sizzle Reel

Great sizzle reel — literally — from the crew over at Stella Culinary

Have been a fan of the work Chef Jacob is doing since the Free Culinary School Podcast days. It’s a great source for real world tips and techniques. This is where I learned about “squaring off” irregularly-shaped root vegetables in order to create a uniform dice. And tasting to gauge the salt level in your pasta or blanching water (sometimes the best tips are the ones that should be obvious but go unsaid).

Highly recommended if you’re into food and cooking.

More about Stella Culinary.

iBooks Mini-Review

Recently I read a couple of books on the iPad using iBooks software. Here are a few quick observations on iBooks vs traditional aka “dead trees” books:

  • When reading a traditional book, you orient yourself so that light shines on the pages. When reading an iBook, you do just the opposite — avoid light sources, which create distracting reflections on the screen.
  • You can highlight passages in both iBooks and traditional books. You can do so in a more uninhibited way with iBooks, since the highlights are non-destructive and editable. In iBooks, you get a handy auto-generated index of all highlighted passages.
  • You can carry a virtually infinite number of iBooks around without straining your shoulders or back.
  • You can purchase and start reading an iBook within seconds of receiving a recommendation.
  • Traditional books don’t need to have their batteries charged.
  • Traditional books can be shared or sold when you’re done with them.
  • Very unlikely that your kids will wander off with your traditional books and use them to knock down towers of wood and rocks in which pigs live.

Big idea: create a social network around electronic books. For example, online, impromptu book clubs that can form instantly and last a few weeks and then disperse.

Online Personality Tests

While there’s a risk of over-interpreting the results or getting lost in navel-gazing, I found the online personality tests below enlightening.

You might ask, what is to be gained? Think of your personality as the water that surrounds a fish. It pervades and impacts everything you do, yet it’s largely invisible to you. Taking a few minutes to get some perspective on how you approach the world can be instructive.

iPad feature suggestion

Suggest integrating the iBooks in-context dictionary feature into safari/iPad.

Challenge: in iBooks a double-tap brings up the dictionary, among other options. In safari a double-tap zooms. Inconsistent.

For minimal changes to how safari works, add dictionary to the menu that surfaces the copy option (press, hold, release).


Reading Steve Gillmor’s piece up on TechCrunch this morning reminded me how much I love his writing. It’s fluid, insightful and irreverent. Thoroughly enjoyable, worthy of a space in a perhaps more reflective venue such as the New Yorker. Say “Shouts & Murmurs” or a full-page feature like James Surowiecki’s Financial Page.