Upgrading ASP.NET breaks our ReturnUrls

From the newgroups: “The other problem I found was the returnurl from ASP.Net was incorrect as ASP.Net gives you the underlying template file as the return url; if used the author will get an error when they log back in. What I wanted was the CMS returnUrl.”

What he’s saying is that web.config-based authorization and Context.RewritePath() don’t play well together. Looks like we got bitten by that, too. Ouch.

ebaY continued

My first ebaY auction closed on Sunday. The “winner” sent a polite email with his ship-to address and a request to specify the shipping cost, for which he was responsible under the terms of the sale. I knew that the item weighed about ten pounds, which was enough to get a reasonable estimate from the U.S. Postal Service and United Parcel Service sites. I had no idea how much it would cost to stuff the item in a box with packing peanuts. I estimated five dollars.

On Wednesday I received a cashier’s check in the mail from the buyer.

Today I shipped the package from a “UPS Store” that until very recently was a Mailboxes ETC. The boxing cost turned out to be ten dollars instead of five. Not a huge deal. The guy at the desk said that, had I called, he would have told me the cost over the phone. This was the only way to get the boxing cost, it didn’t appear anywhere on the UPS web site. Ah, yes. The phone, how quaint.

So…so far, so good with selling on ebaY. I emailed the buyer the UPS tracking number this afternoon. Hopefully he will enjoy his purchase. I guess I’ll move on to the collection of DSL and cable modems that is now collecting dust in my garage as a result of switching Internet providers several times over the last few years.