Technorati keyword search

Technorati now has a keyword search feature. It’s sort of like Google in that it indexes the contents of a web page at a specific point in time. Because weblogs can update fairly quickly, Technorati’s search must do the same. Sifry says, “The indexes are rebuilt several times each day, which means that it can take as little as 2 hours from the time you post something on your weblog to when it shows up in Keyword Search results.”

Faster than Google? A quick look at the Google cache for Scripting News suggests so. The cache is from last Thursday, or four days ago.

Biggest difference from Google: search results come from weblogs only, not the Web as a whole. Also, weblog sources are annotated with inbound blog/link numbers and Cosmos links. Like PageRank in a way, just more transparent.

Relationship to Scripting’s Weblog Search? Scripting’s search allows you to search the historical archive of a single weblog. Technorati’s search looks at just the front page, but lets you query across (approximately) all weblogs.

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