Radio Tip of the Day

If you use Radio as your news aggregator, you can delete posts by simply hitting Enter after checking off the messages to delete. Most browsers will interpret this is as equivalent to submitting the form. This saves me the trouble of scrolling back up to the Delete button when I’m clearing out a large number of posts.

Nytimes on Wi-Fi

Good coverage of wireless Internet technology aka “Wi-Fi” in today’s New York Times.

Happy to Share Wi-Fi-, for a Fee: Access provider Speakeasy attempts the carrot.

Led by Intel, True Believers in Wi-Fi Say It Will Endure: The title doesn’t do this article justice. First off, who is saying that Wi-Fi will go bust, and what exactly would replace it? That aside, the article has a lot of interesting material, e.g. about Intel experimenting with 70 megabit, 30-mile range systems, about McDonald’s getting into the fray and about the markets for-pay and free access.

New Radiohead album

In case you missed it, Radiohead’s new album, Hail to the Thief, was released about a month ago. It’s moody and beautiful and spooky. I keep having these visions of a hypothetical video for the bouncy “Backdrifts”. It is a splicing together of various video clips of pop-culture icons, dancing: Michael Jackson doing that kick-thing he does in the “Billy Jean” video, Elvis in a Hawaii-themed movie number, etc etc.