Remapping keys in Thunderbird

This is sweet.
A while back I switched to Mozilla Thunderbird for reading mail. T-bird is fantastic but deleting messages was too much work for something I do hundreds of times a day. You have to either lift the right hand (assuming you’re right-handed) off of the mouse to hit the Backspace key, or else right-click + D, a two-handed operation.
I looked around for a way to remap the keys in Thunderbird but initially couldn’t find one. Well, here it is, a keyboard remapping plugin. To install,

  Download keyconfig.xpi file onto your desktop
  In Thunderbird select Tools -> Extensions
  Click Install and select keyconfig.xpi
  Restart Thunderbird
  In Thunderbird select Tools -> Keyconfig
  Locate key_delete in the left hand id column and select it
  In the bottom menu, double click on the VK_DELETE modifier to select all, and then hit Backspace to delete. Then type D in the middle text box (screenshot).
  Click Apply. Click OK.
  Restart Thunderbird.

Ahh, UI bliss. Deep thanks to Bobby B.