If I worked in Skype's marketing department

Here’s what I’d do if I worked in Skype’s marketing department. I’d purchase great big duffle bags and decorate them with the S logo and jolly rancher colors. Next I’d fill each bag to the gills with as many unpackaged $20 Plantronics headsets as would fit. Each headset would be co-branded with the S logo and the text “www.skype.com”. Then I’d send my sales teams out to convention centers and shopping malls where they’d hand out the headsets for free. See, the only thing that’s hard about Skype is the headset mic. Most people don’t even know that their computer has a microphone input.

This morning NPR excerpted a weekend speech in which Bush claimed his doctrine a success because people are now dying in Iraq instead of here in America. Bush didn’t acknowledge the possibility of policies that could achieve better results with less loss of life.

It’s official, I’m an uncle. Well, actually, I already was an uncle several times over. But it’s a first for the new mom and dad. Congratulations from the Boston wing of the Grumet clan! We love you.