Random thought. I keep hearing stories about conferences where the wireless access doesn’t quite come together because of technology or, more likely, policy. What if, for a reasonable fee, you could pay to have someone show up with an uplink and a hotspot? Maybe the provider sets up a satellite antenna for the uplink, or maybe they have a deal with local phone companies that makes it easy to provision DSL on the spot, on a separate network from the conference host’s. This should solve the security concerns while giving the attendees what they want. I’m sure the technology exists. Somebody’s probably doing it already.

Tons of podcasting activity this weekend. The directory is growing, Adam’s been doing interviews with the mainstream media, people have been picking things up on their own. It’s breathtaking.

Okay, a warning. The software running this weblog is getting a little crusty. Over the next few days or maybe weeks I’ll be upgrading a few bits. The first big step, just finished, was to move the backend storage from BerkeleyDB to a relational database management system. The instructions and data migration script from Movable Type seem to have worked as expected. Hooray for SQL! It’s like coming home again. Now I have to sort out backups and stats collection. After that the next big step will be to move up to Movable Type 3.x.