Former 6.171 student seeks challenge

A graduate of our MIT class writes:

  I am currently looking to switch to a different job. I want to find a job that is in Boston, NY, or CA (LA, Bay Area). However, I have not able to find a job as challenging as 6.171…

The class teaches students how to build Internet applications for real customers. In the span of 12 weeks, students go from the initial “hello” meeting with the customer to launching a tested and documented application. The class is quite demanding — of the 80 odd registrants we usually finish the term with about 25. The students completing the class tend to be at the upper tail of the curve (the MIT curve!) in brightness, dedication and ability to work with people.
If you’ve got a good challenge and are looking for someone with these qualities, drop me a line at and I’ll pass on their contact information.

My daughter was home yesterday, her school had a snow day. I think in all my k-12 years in Evanston, Illinois we probably had two or three snow days total. School was never closed. Here in Boston we seem to get two or three closings in a single year. I wonder why that is. Different culture? Narrower New England streets? Me having a “we walked uphill, both ways” moment?