It’s a beautiful, Fall-like day in New England. Watching my daughter Talia play at the park this morning, I found myself caught up in waves of nostalgia for Falls past. The mix of bright sunshine and chill wind, particularly in contrast to the heat and rain of recent days, must have had something to do with it. Apple picking, a Fall tradition I grew up with, is just around the corner. Talia is growing up with that tradition too. Her first apple picking trip was at 4 weeks, her second at 13 months. She’ll be turning 2 in September, with her third trip to the orchard not far behind.
Apple picking at 4 weeks Apple picking at 13 months

I see that two popular techie bloggers, Aaron and Mark, are letting us see the edits they’ve made to their posts.

Reading a few edit trails, it’s fascinating to see what they capture. Accountability and archivalness aside, I think edit trails could serve as a great tool for writing instruction. Most of us don’t get it right the first time. The magic is in the editing. Capturing and studying the edits of a great writer could teach us a lot.

An Even Non-Funkier RSS 2 Template

I gave Brad’s Non-Funky MT RSS 2 Template a try but it was still too funky for my aggregator, which choked on the resulting feed.

So here it is folks, an even non-funkier template.

Note that it requires Brad’s very excellent MTIfEmpty plugin.

Update 2003-09-12 We’ve incorporated a timezone fix as described by Diego. This uses an RFC-822 timezone plugin from John Gruber

I’ve overhauled my RSS feed and autodiscovery info. I’ve also, I hope, fixed the feed so that items without titles will load correctly into Radio. Finally, I’ve changed the permalink structure so that the date appears in it. I may yet still tweak the permalinks so that all posts from a given day appear on a single page. One step at a time.