Aggregators, or how I gave up deletion and learned to love the scroll wheel

Wired writes about aggregators today. Dave comments.

Yeah, it’s a little bizarre that they didn’t mention Radio in their list of aggregators. I think Radio is one of the better ones and relatively uncluttered by complex, unnecessary features.

Speaking of which, I wonder if Radio really needs the delete item feature. A few days ago I hacked up Radio to make this feature more usable. When I proudly described my accomplishment to Dave, he said “oh, I don’t even use that feature, I just let the old posts slip off the end of the page.”

Huh. In theory deleting should help one keep track of what they’ve read and haven’t read. But we do that perfectly well with newspapers, which have a much more complicated layout. I think I was using “delete item” simply because it was there. The new experiment: no deleting.

2 thoughts on “Aggregators, or how I gave up deletion and learned to love the scroll wheel”

  1. I use NNWlite, and read-and-delete is “space”, ie. the natural thing. mark-as-unread is some insane chord that I end up using the menu for, or did – back before I realized that I didn’t *want* NNWlite to be yet-another source of “pending but not really unread” items — so if it’s worth tagging, ctl-menu and off it goes into StickyBrain.

    Keeping read/unread state is still of use, so I know where to pick up again if I’ve read for a while, but then logged out or something…


  2. Hey thanks for the comment. I’ve tooled around a little bit with NNWlite but not enough to know the quick keys.

    I agree about knowing where to pick up again. These days I keep track using the timestamp that Radio puts in the header bar for each new chunk it receives from a source.


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