An Even Non-Funkier RSS 2 Template

I gave Brad’s Non-Funky MT RSS 2 Template a try but it was still too funky for my aggregator, which choked on the resulting feed.

So here it is folks, an even non-funkier template.

Note that it requires Brad’s very excellent MTIfEmpty plugin.

Update 2003-09-12 We’ve incorporated a timezone fix as described by Diego. This uses an RFC-822 timezone plugin from John Gruber

5 thoughts on “An Even Non-Funkier RSS 2 Template”

  1. Aloha Andrew. I wonder if you might consider viewing the discussion going on Brent Simmons’ log regarding link vs. guid for external vs. permalinks. If I’m reading your code corrrectly, you are using [guid] for the permalinks, correct, and not using [link] at all? It’s an interesting discussion, I’ve put in my 2 cents and then some, looking for more enlighted opinions. Brad’s seem to have the same behavior.

    Here’s the discussion:

    Mahalo (thanks)



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