Here We Go

I’ve been lurking around for a while, reading weblogs and reading about weblogs. Now it’s time to start my own weblog. What is a weblog? It’s the pet rock of the 00’s. More on that later.

In the meantime here is a quickie digital image of where I blog.


I just recently switched to a dual-monitor configuration when a friend graciously loaned me his unused IBM flat panel. At first I thought I’d banish my Trinitron CRT to the garage in favor of the more compact flat panel, but the CRT turns out to be brighter and better for working in Photoshop. Now I’m hooked and have to figure out what to do about the horrible lamp arrangement.

One thought on “Here We Go”

  1. is that lamp really on the monitor. what abt a torch lamp. a floor lamp. a lamp hanging from the ceiling.
    that lamp looks like it is straight out of good night moon.


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