Walking in Somerville and Cambrige

Boston is one of those great places that is small enough to get around on foot. It was gorgeous today, and I spent a good part of it walking.

In the morning I went with my wife and 18-month old daughter to the Central Hill Playground, near the Somerville City Hall. Thankfully the swings, which had disappeared for a time, were back.

From there we descended into Union Square, to have cappucinos (and milk for the baby) at the Grand Cafe.

In the afternoon, I walked to the eastern edge of Harvard Square to Elsa Dorfman’s, where we launched her new mbta-inspired site map.

From there it was across Harvard Square to the Berkman Center, where I met with Hal Roberts learn more about the H2O Project. They are doing great work.

After the 7pm weblog writers meeting, in the same building, Dave and Wendy and I walked up Mass. Ave and dined at the Cambridge Common.

From there, it was up to Porter Square, and then back home to Union. All on foot!

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