Today was kind of scattered. Grey and rainy all day.

In the morning we went over to the California Closets showroom in Natick to look at furniture for the home office. Their stuff looks to be decent quality but the salesman didn’t think they could do a round corner that follows the outside of a right angle. Which is exactly what we want and exactly why we are looking for built-in. Hmmm.

Mid-day I went a bought a new cell phone at the local Verizon outlet because the antenna on my old phone had broken off for the second time and it was getting to be annoying.

Then it was on to brunch at Philip‘s, where there was an interesting crowd as usual. Bob Doyle and I brainstormed about some interesting things we could do related to the Open Internet Lexicon. In our copious free time. Hah!

Late afternoon into evening was a mix of babysitting and pizza-making. And nighttime was…writing.