Life with the VX4400

After three days with the VX4400 I count myself a mostly happy customer. The color graphics interface is leaps and bounds more usable than the monochrome lcd screens on older/cheaper phones. The T9Word input mode saves keystrokes by guessing what word you are typing. The T9Word database is extensible, so you can add your own words for it to guess next time. Biggest nit: it’s way too easy to unintentionally send a caller off to voice mail. Twice now I’ve grabbed for the ringing phone and accidentally hit the arrow buttons on the side of the phone, which terminates the call. Worse, there’s apparently no way to recover the caller’s number, so you just have to hope that they leave a message.

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  1. Hi! Just ran across your entry regarding the LG vx4400 phone and the T9word feature. I noticed you mention being able to modify the words it “knows” so it recognizes them the next time you go to use it. I’ve been searching for a way to modify its “vocabulary” for quite some time with no luck (had the phone for 6 months).

    I like the feature, but so often I find myself entering everything manually because it’s such a pain to go back and fourth between T9word and alpha entry when it enters a different word/wrong word. Can you point me to where I need to look to find out how to modify the words it “knows”?




  2. Hi Emily,

    User’s Manual, page 24: “Adding Words to the T9 Database. If a word is not in the T9 database, add it by using ABC (Multi-tap) mode text entry. The word is automatically added to the T9 database when you return to T9 mode.” The manual then details out an example sequence of keypresses.


  3. Not so much a comment but a question. Being a salesman on the road, I sit in my truck as much as most people sit in their office. Long story short, I like my truck set a certain way. I have switched from a Nokia 6360 to the VX4400. Now, my bracket must be changed. I use the earpiece and not the hands free feature. My bracket allows for the 6360 to be charging and the external antenna. I would like to make the VX4400 to do the same. The only way is the hands free system. Any ideas on getting around handsfree?


  4. A friend of mine picked one of these gems up some months ago; he was in my IRC channel saying that he was IRCing via his wireless. I was like… o.O;;; Sweet! This is probably the one big thing that sold me on this phone is that it can be used as if it were a modem, which was PRECISELY what I wanted, both for work and for fun.

    For work, I’m a network administrator by trade at a B2B ISP. Sometimes, I have to go on-site to a customer location, and I need to get back into our network. I use it as if it were a modem, and dial back into my workplace’s modem pool as if I were connected to a land-ilne and bingo! I’m in! Using OUR IP space!

    For fun, I usually go by train up and down the Central and Sacramento valleys between my home in Fresno to my parents’ place up in Sacramento. Sometimes, I drag a laptop with me aboard the trains. The Amtrak California fleet has 110v outlets in their cars, so I can plug in my laptop and, if I so desired, my phone, so they can have power, and I can then log onto the Internet so I can check mail or chat with friends via IRC or AIM.

    Meanwhile, I’m happy I got the phone I really wanted. However, it’d be nice if it were more like a Palm in terms of application availability and ability to develop for them, since apparently, Qualcomm and Verizon put VERY tight controls on who can develop BREW applications, and tigter still on whether they get distributed through their Get It Now program.


  5. hey question how did you get your computer to recognize your phone as a modem. i have the cable that connects it but thats it. what else do i need. could you send it to me?? thanks a ton


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