We are registered for OSCOM. On a first pass of the Program, I find track two, “CMS contextualized (Law, Biz / Soc, Evaluation)”, most interesting. I like the focus on decision makers, society, users and deployment. Call it a good dose of reality . Here is my rough plan:

Wednesday afternoon: Intellectual Property, User Panel (possibly slipping out to Collaborative Mapping on the Semantic Web)

Thursday morning: Winer Keynote, CMS for Universities: A case study

Thursday afternoon: Integrating Content Management and Semantics, Using Zope to Support Open Course Collaboration? A Case Study, Open Coding Innovation: socially responsible, sustainable economic and technological growth

Friday morning: Udell Keynote, Extending CMS with Web Services, Managing the Semantic Web

Friday afternoon (hopefully): PANEL :: “Content for the Masses”

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