"Okay if I blog this?"

Wendy and Jessica and I were having a conversation about bloggy things (see the next post) on our walk home after the post-meeting dinner. Wanting to write about the conversation in my weblog, I asked “Okay if I blog this?”. Then we laughed, because it was such a funny yet appropriate thing to say. Soon to be heard in a conversation near you.

One thought on “"Okay if I blog this?"”

  1. Already did. And I do start thinking in conversations what turn to give it to make this special one bloggable. But, I have to admit, I try to stop this ;o)

    But, then again, why not. There are so many intelligent persons out there who I can learn from, from their thoughts, their views, their hopes.

    Net has never been closer to me since the days of good old usenet than now with blogs. :o)


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