I get personal with BloggerCon

Tonight I attended a BloggerCon planning meeting at Harvard. Meeting minutes should be appearing tonight or tomorrow. I’ll update this post with the permalink when it comes online. The meeting was pretty intense. Mark your calendars, folks, it’s October 4, 2003 in Cambridge, MA.

On the way home I came up with a new logo idea for Bryan Bell. I was listening my MP3 player as I walked, but I had only one of the earpieces in because I wanted to be able to hear what was happening around me. That was okay, but I realized how much better and more viscerally satisfying music is in stereo.

Anyway, that got me to thinking that, if we do our job well with BloggerCon, we’ll inspire something on the order of a mono to stereo evolution in weblogging. So here’s the logo idea: a stylized graphic of a person listening to something through one headphone, cupping the single speaker around their ear and straining to hear. With the other hand, the listener is reaching for a second headphone—that represents BloggerCon 2003—and raising it up to the other ear.

I suppose the metaphor is a bit dated and maybe even corny. But, if weblogging has taught me anything, it’s knowing how and when to say, “that’s my idea and I’m stickin’ to it!”

Update The meeting notes are here: http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/bloggerCon/lhcnotes