This post came from Radio's outliner

I’ve got the basics of page-oriented posting from Radio’s outliner working. Posts with titles and title-less posts work, but I had to introduce two small edits to Movable Type’s metaWeblog code to make this all work.

  Here’s what a third-level indent looks like.

Here’s what this post and the next one look like in Radio.
The headline-to-post mapping is imperfect. For example, rearranging the headlines in the outline doesn’t rearrange them in MT. And each new post should really go at the top of the outline, since that’s where it’s going to appear in MT.
There are several little tasks that remain. Most importantly, comparing the new version of a post with the last saved version before sending edits over the wire. And I seem to only get little half-hour chunks every few days to work on this. I.e. it will be done Real Soon Now (TM).

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