I’m not reading the Web much this week so posts are likely to be deficient in the linky love department. In fact this one is going to be something of ramble about the last few days.

We spent Saturday and Sunday my brother’s place in Buffalo Grove, IL. The neighborhood is suburban. Houses grouped on a rectangular grid of blocks, each lot with a front and back lawn. Wide streets. Lots of dogs and American flags. It reminded me of the Evanston neighborhood where we grew up. They picked a great location, close to essentials like train, daycare, public school, library, grocery store. Our daughter Talia, 2, got to play (aka “learn how to share”) with her younger cousin Kyle. It was a hoot.

We’re at my parents place now, in Winnetka. Lots of high-school era memories here. Last night we looked through some old photo albums and home movies. What a trip. My mom has a mini photo album from my uncle Ronnie’s bar mitzvah. The pictures, crystal clear black and whites from the 1950s, are in fantastic shape. It’s hard to explain what it’s like to see pictures of my grandfather at 40ish and my dad as a teenager. Mini project: compile a sampling of these wonderful pictures on a Web page.

We’ve barely started to look through the home movies (circa 1967-1981), which my mom had transferred to DVD. I realized that both my grand- and great-grandfathers on my dad’s side had blue grey eyes, just like Talia. We were scratching our heads over that one, none of my immediate family has them. So much more to say about that, but I’m going to have to peel myself away for now, to get back to being family guy.