Adam Curry reviews iPodder for Windows in this audio blog post, and does some visioning on where the software needs to go. Is it time to buy an iPod? I’ve already invested in a Neuros, which has some neat features that iPod doesn’t, including the ability to make recordings. sorune and ndbm have modest command line capabilities, but automated syncing looks like a lot of custom hacking while the iPod people have already figured it out . I don’t have much interest in buying only-runs-on-Apple music files from the iTunes store. Tapping into the growing blog audio network? Now that’s a selling point.

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  1. You can pretty much do all this auto-downloading/audio blogging stuff without an iPod as well… as long as you never leave your desk. 😉

    Actually, the syncing is the key here, as I’ve got a Rio and it’s a pain to manually copy the files to it, but it’s certainly doable.


  2. The big idea is to create all this for all kinds of portable MP3 players.

    Maybe, people without iPods should examine their devices and describe how data is transferred to it, so iPodder-developers can find a way to connect the device to the ‘iPod platform’.


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