Face the face

From the urban oddities department. Have you taken a look at the back of the Lexus RX330 SUV? There’s a face, smiling or maybe sinister, peering back at you. I’m not making this up. The little Lexus “L” logo forms the nose, the rear headlights the eyes, and a wide-open mouth gobbles down the license plate. It wasn’t that way with the previous model, the RX300, whose headlights were lower, essentially below the nose. I crack up now every time I see one. Here is the visual. Thanks or blame goes to my parents who pointed this out while visiting this past weekend 🙂

3 thoughts on “Face the face”

  1. My wife has long noticed faces on cars. Check out a Porsche Boxster – preferbly with its convertible top down. The headrests are either ears or eyebrows and its centered, oblong tailpipe is a tongue taunting you as it leaves you behind.


  2. 1) Lexus is a Japanese company, and the Japanese have a fairly long history of anthropomorphizing their everyday objects (to be fair, as for cars the German VW Beetle does this too, as did the US Neon).

    2) Humans in general are highly tuned to read faces and as a result will find faces as patterns in areas where there isn’t a face. Off the top of my head, I am blanking on the name (other than “anthropomorphizing objects”) of this term.


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