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  1. On my Windows install of Radio (win2K, 384Mb RAM, Radio 8.0.8, root updated) the tool shows in the tool list (via the “Tools” link on the desktop website) but doesn’t show on the Radio app menu.

    Also, when the file downloads, the version number disturbs the file extension, so I renamed it so it would have “root” at the end.




  2. Yes, definitely rename the file to “myWeblogOutliner.root”. I linked to the 0.95 version so that it would be a good permalink, but since that’s confusing I’ve re-linked to myWeblogOutliner.root.

    If you haven’t already, exit Radio from the outliner’s File -> Exit menu, rename the root file, and re-open Radio. Then look for the outliner’s Tools -> My Weblog Outliner menu. Does it show up now?


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